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Gratitude is good for business.

At Workhuman®, it’s who we are and what we do. Twenty years of customer data proves when employees are empowered to recognize each other for the work they do every day, it forges deeper human bonds, connects them to meaning and purpose, improves performance, can cut turnover in half, and drives business forward.

With billions of reward moments – positive interactions between employees – we’ve seen firsthand the impact that social recognition can have on a company, including our own.

We looked for a thought leader in the space. So, we chose Workhuman. We're very happy with that choice.

Derek DeSousa, VP, Communication Programs & Events,

Citizens Bank, Customer since 2018​

Leading global brands know the secret.

Leading global brands use our products to create a consistent stream of positive interactions – they know that the more gratitude in an organization, the better it performs. But what if you are a small business or a team?

We have a solution for you! As a market leader in social recognition, Workhuman has always been on the front lines of breakthrough innovations. Today, we’re bringing our applications to companies and teams of all sizes. 

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