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Social recognition replaces social distancing with a strong sense of belonging.

Harness the power of gratitude to strengthen team bonds through the toughest of times. Discover how peer-to-peer appreciation is the cure for isolation – and that positivity can call humans to greatness and connect them to shared purpose.


Not like traditional recognition.

Social recognition is the act of colleagues publicly acknowledging each other for who they are and what they do. It differs from traditional employee recognition in that it is distinctly peer-to-peer, meaning it can occur between employees, regardless of level.

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'Your Shout Out! Recognition Award.' My colleague, Kevin, had recognized me for teamwork."

I was thanked for the impact I had made and received a $50 award. Kevin's note was perhaps the best part of my recognition experience. Yes, even better than the money.​ I began to receive comments from my peers – posted on an online feed – adding their appreciation for my efforts.

One month later, I was preparing to run my first marathon to raise money for a local charity. I visited The Store on Workhuman to redeem for a gift card to purchase a new pair of running shoes.

I felt so energized, motivated, and appreciated after receiving my award.

I had just started working for Workhuman, and one morning I received an email with the subject line:

Social Recognition

You can use Social Recognition® from Workhuman to:

  •     Align your people to your core values
  •     Improve employee performance
  •     Reduce voluntary turnover
  •     Create an amazing workplace
  •     Drive employee performance
  •     Boost employee happiness

Up and running in minutes.
Free for one year.

Do more with Gratitudes.

Up and running in minutes.
Free for one year.

Drive Performance

Increase productivity and overall employee performance with peer-to-peer recognition.

Boost Happiness

Enjoy the surge of happiness that accompanies each moment of gratitude.

Align Core Values

Align your company values to recognition moments within minutes.


See how your retention changes over time. The data proves it again and again.


Gauge the impact of recognition in your company with meaningful reports created just for you.

Social Feed

Generate positivity and improve company culture with the social news feed.

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