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Unite and support employees through the COVID-19 crisis with mission-critical solutions that replace isolation with recognition, connection, and celebration. Discover Workhuman® Cloud for FREE.

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With so much suffering, there's even more reason to celebrate what’s life-affirming.

Celebrate the new babies, birthdays, weddings, and much-needed well-wishes. Rally your work family to stay connected and share more personal stories. Enlist the crowd through social support to keep morale high.

Life Events®


A photo says a thousand words. Create impactful galleries and share Life Events® with colleagues.

Comments & Media

Stay connected by sharing congratulations and bits of your personal life with colleagues.

Meaningful Moments

Increase emotional investment and strengthen team bonds, now more than ever.

Ensure that managers and teams connect often to navigate the uncertainty.

Give continuous feedback with Conversations® to help stay flexible and fluid. Make planned check-ins something managers and teams can count on. Set and re-set short-term goals to stay aligned as priorities shift.



Develop yourself with crowdsourced feedback where managers and colleagues serve as coach and mentor.


Track tactical updates and developmental discussions between managers and employees.


Keep employees aligned to shared purpose and easily adapt as needed.

Social recognition replaces social distancing with a strong sense of belonging.

Harness the power of gratitude to strengthen team bonds through the toughest of times. Discover how peer-to-peer appreciation is the cure for isolation – and that positivity can call humans to greatness and connect them to shared purpose.


Social Feed

Generate positivity and improve company culture with the social news feed.


See how your retention changes over time. The data proves it again and again.


Gauge the impact of recognition in your company with meaningful reports created just for you.

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