Great culture is good business. 

Workhuman Cloud helps your team stay connected, engaged and productive - no matter when or where they work - with world-class recognition and rewards, performance development, and celebration tools, all in a single platform. 

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“The strength of our culture helps us retain great employees in a tight job market”

— Christina Hall, former Chief People Officer at LinkedIn

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Easily Recognize Employees

Boost morale, drive productivity, increase retention and empower your team to recognize each other for a job well done. 

Enable Peer to Peer and Manager Driven Recognition
Simple award nominations and approvals to improve culture – like a high-five, backed by data science.  

Get a Personalized Social Experience
Share the love with public, team-based social feeds that celebrate every recognition moment.  

Redeem Rewards in a World Class eCommerce Store
Keep your employees coming back for more with points that can be redeemed for products and gift cards from many of the world’s leading brands.

Develop Your People

Fuel your employees with continuous feedback, check-ins and goals that can be easily referenced for formal reviews and short- and long-term priority setting, all in their own personal feeds.

Drive Frequent, High Quality Check-ins
Replace rigid review processes with more frequent, natural conversations featuring agenda items, progress updates, and discussion points.

Get Crowdsourced, Real-time Feedback
Easily request and receive feedback from managers and co-workers, whenever you want or need it.

Align Goals and Priorities
Set and document short-term goals that employees can work towards – and connect them to company values and objectives to drive better business results.

Celebrate Memorable Moments

From new homes to new additions to the family, weddings, birthdays and more, your employees can celebrate each other while building a culture that feels like family. 

Surprisingly Simple
Choose the occasion, create a celebration moment and invite others to join with messages and photos. It’s the easiest party you’ll ever throw.

Personalized Life Events Feeds
Celebrations live in a persistent feed for employees to view, join and celebrate accomplishments and milestones.  

Schedule and Crowdsource Celebrations
Never miss a moment and make sure your employees feel valued and appreciated by the whole team. 


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  • Social Recognition - peer-to-peer employee recognition
  • Conversations - continuous performance development
  • Life Events - personal milestones beyond work

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Suitable for large/global organizations needing advanced customization and controls with a dedicated team to support the launch and success of recognition programs

Suitable for small and medium businesses and teams in large companies

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