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Workhuman Cloud® helps your team stay connected, engaged and productive no matter where they work with world-class recognition and rewards, performance development, and celebration tools in a single platform.

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Empower your team to thank and reward each other for a job well done. Social Recognition is the simple solution for delivering e-thanks and points that are redeemable for awesome merchandise and gift cards from the world’s leading brands.

Celebrate life events from marriages and babies to new homes, pets and more no matter where your team lives and works with a centralized, permanent place to share photos and congratulations.

Nurture relationships, build trust, and develop talent in an agile way that reflects how work gets done in today's hybrid workplace.


Invest in your biggest assets – your humans.

Whether you're interested in increasing retention, enhancing performance, recognizing employees for their great work, or enabling your team to celebrate each others life events – we can show results.




32% more likely to perform
at a higher level

73% more likely to offer more discretionary effort

2X more likely to trust leadership and be less stressed


The simple way to make an impact.




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Encourage your community members to engage with each program – or as we like to say: Thank, talk, celebrate!


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Derek DeSousa, VP, Communication Programs & Events, Citizens Bank

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"Recognition can be an invaluable source of motivation and subsequently inspire people to do their best work."

"The buzz started instantly ... We saw right away that this could really work in our fast-paced, 24/7 culture."

Jeff Weiner

Former Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Faulkner

VP, Team Member Engagement & Communication

Workhuman customer since 2014

Workhuman customer since 2015


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  • Social Recognition - peer-to-peer employee recognition
  • Conversations - continuous performance management
  • Life Events - personal milestones beyond work

Product bundle includes:

Suitable for large/global organizations needing advanced customization and controls with a dedicated team to support the launch and success of recognition programs

Suitable for small and medium businesses and teams in large companies

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